Blankets are a tremendous blessing to the families of recipients, keeping them warm through long winter nights.

Wrapped in Love

“We are too poor to afford a new blanket, and the ones that we have are not sufficient, as the winters are deadly cold,” explains Sarita, a 29-year-old woman from a poor family. “Because of our poverty, we stay content with our limited blankets. Buying blankets was beyond our capacity. Every year, I could only wish to own a new one, but that could never happen.”

A Pointless Existence

Sarita and her six siblings grew up without many comforts. Her father worked as a farmer, and Sarita helped him however she could. As a child, she learned to be a faithful follower of her ancestral religion, but as Sarita grew up, she found that her practices brought her no joy or peace of mind. The more she worshiped, the emptier she felt. She grew frustrated with her life and felt everything was meaningless. Then God sent one of His servants, GFA-supported pastor Suraj, to show her His eternal grace.

As Sarita listened to the pastor’s testimony and the testimonies of many others in her village, she believed the Word of God to be true. She found in Jesus the peace and joy she had been longing for. Although many people in the village mocked her, her family didn’t. In fact, as she prayed for them and lived out the example of her new life, they too found lasting peace in Christ.

Although the family still struggled financially, Jesus filled their hearts with true riches.

The Gift of Warmth

But God wasn’t done showing His love. He showed Pastor Suraj a way to bless Sarita in a tangible way. Through a Christmas gift distribution, Sarita and several others in the village received blankets.

“The Lord had mercy on us, and because of His grace, I received this gift,” Sarita shares, hardly able to speak for joy. “I am so happy and excited. Before the word of prayer was on my lips, He read my thoughts and knew my heart’s desire. Truly, the Lord loves me so much to this extent that He does not want me to suffer again.”