The words of Psalm 91 encouraged the believers in GFA-supported Pastor Barasaat’s congregation through many years of hardship. God provides His children, like the GFA-supported pastor shown, with His words to encourage and uplift believers every day.

October 2017 • Vol. 13, No. 6

He Didn’t Need to Say a Word

Tilak and his wife were happy again; no one could deny that. But some people in the village were anything but happy about the transformation in their lives.

Villagers blamed the GFA-supported pastor for the couple’s new life in Christ. They wanted to attack Barasaat, so they began looking for an opportunity to do so.

That came one night as the pastor gathered with 20 youth to worship Jesus.

Silent Before His Accusers

The sound of voices lifted to Jesus was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a crowd of angry men. Ten villagers rushed on Pastor Barasaat and grabbed him by the neck. They began to beat him and dragged him to an impromptu village meeting.

Two hundred angry villagers pressed in on the pastor. They hurled accusations at him. They questioned him. They harassed him. But Pastor Barasaat did not respond. He remembered how Jesus had stood silent before His accusers, and he chose to walk in his Master’s footsteps.

Two hours passed as Pastor Barasaat stood silent before the mob, while the 20 youth he had been worshiping with prayed earnestly for the pastor’s protection.

And God answered.

The crowd couldn’t decide what to do with him. One by one, they grew frustrated and left the scene. God delivered Pastor Barasaat that night, but this was only the beginning of the pastor’s troubles.

Five Years Without Water

Pastor Barasaat continued to meet with men and women in the village who knew Jesus or were eager to learn more about Him. But about a month after the impromptu meeting, several villagers decided to ban his family from the village well, forcing them to gather water from the local river.

But Pastor Barasaat and his family weren’t the only ones drinking this polluted water—the village well didn’t provide enough for everyone, and some people even got sick with jaundice, malaria or dysentery because of the water they drank.

As time passed, things grew more difficult: It was decreed that anyone caught talking to Pastor Barasaat would have to pay an exorbitant fine. People even damaged his home.

Love in the Face of Hatred

It was difficult for Pastor Barasaat and his wife not to feel discouraged through these years. But God gave them strength, and they remembered how anyone who follows Jesus will face troubles in this life. Despite the struggles they faced, Pastor Barasaat and his family continued gathering with other believers for prayer and praise. As a body, they found great comfort in the words of Psalm 91.

And then God showed Pastor Barasaat a way he could “bless those who persecute you,” as God instructs us to do in Romans 12:14. Pastor Barasaat applied for a Jesus Well to be drilled in his village, which was made possible through the generous donations of GFA friends. Within a few months, a new well poured out pure water for all to use.

Fresh Water, Fresh Start

Pastor Barasaat continued to love on the people in his village as he had done for the last 13 years, praying for the sick and ministering to those in need, but now things were different. Even those who had once been angry with him went to him for prayer when their families were sick.

Pastor Barasaat, along with many other believers in his village, were banned from using the local water source because of their trust in Jesus. But that trust did not put them to shame—God provided a Jesus Well for them, like the one pictured.

A 22-year-old man named Dinpal, whose father had died of a waterborne illness, was particularly touched by the new well. The tangible expression of God’s love inspired Dinpal’s heart to know Jesus, so he talked to Pastor Barasaat. Now Dinpal can hardly keep Christ’s love to himself—he joyfully goes around telling others of the God who provides.

Truly, God heard the prayers of His servants and touched the hearts of the people in this village. Praise the Lord!