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Mother Learns to Read of God’s Love

Genai sat among other women, much like her, all awaiting the start of something new. They may have had different stories or situations, but they all bore the same burden: None could read or write. …

March 2022

The Words She Couldn’t Forget

Who was the real God? The question gnawed at Phyu Myaing’s mind. She had worshiped her god faithfully, but tragedy threw her life into a state of confusion. In 2009 her husband …

January 2020

Hard-working Mom Gains Second Chance

At age 34, Pival had a husband and five children, but she was missing something that most people gain during childhood. With her days spent laboring tirelessly in the fields to provide …

May 2019

From Gossip to Godly

Akhila’s mouth had uttered lies and half-truths. It had passed on things her ears heard, things that weren’t meant to be shared with others. It had spoken with manipulative intent, poking, prodding and provoking others. …

August 2017

‘Jesus Loves Us Through You’

Raised in a hostile environment, Raashi was touched by the kindness and care of the Women’s Fellowship team. Born into a slum, Raashi knew no other life besides the one lived in a shanty with …

October 2016

Watching from Afar

Pieces of literature help answer questions that people like Niriksh (not pictured) often have about Jesus. Niriksh was impressed by what he saw. The elderly man sat at a distance, watching a group of 50 …

September 2016

Jesus’ Servants Come as Servants, Too

Women in situations like Prutha’s find hope when a Women’s Fellowship group tangibly demonstrates Christ’s love. Prutha could still hardly believe her eyes. The woman, Lavangi, whom she had just met a few weeks earlier, …

June 2016

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