Articles with tag Women Missionaries

The One Who Knew a Widow’s Pain

Saci’s life was not easy. As a girl, she forwent an education in order to work alongside her parents as a laborer in the tea gardens. With the …

August 2018

An Abandoned Mother’s Choice

Hansini looked incredulously at her husband. How could he want to kill their infant son? She refused to support his decision, which only caused more tension in the house and in their …

August 2018

Tools to Equip Workers

Following are a couple of stories highlighting various tools given to GFA-supported workers, which equip them for ministry where God has called them to serve. Tools like winter clothing and film equipment …

June 2018

‘I Was Ashamed of Myself’

Fulmala’s young hands swept floors, laundered clothes and washed dishes. Young hands of a child that should have been playing. Young hands that should have been learning. Young hands that carried home …

June 2017

From Suicidal to a Smile

Saneh had endured her stepmother’s scoldings and her father’s punishment every day for many years. The harsh treatment at home made it difficult for her to function at school and around …

April 2017

Short Stories About Women Missionaries

In many Asian cultures, it is considered shameful for a woman to talk to a man whom she is not related to, but a woman can visit with another woman in her …

January 2017

God Answers Prayers for a Slum

Sisters of Compassion in Asia stretch out loving hands to the helpless and downtrodden, ministering to their everyday needs. Most of 12-year-old Mareechi’s neighbors were poor and uneducated, like …

September 2016

Short Stories about National Missionaries

Every day, our brothers and sisters in Asia are crying out to God on behalf of needy people around them. Interceding for those who have various physical ailments is just one of …

September 2016

When a Doctor Becomes Helpless

Missionaries care deeply for the sick and suffering around them, ministering to them through prayer and encouragement. One evening as Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries Pakhi, Heerkani and …

August 2016