Articles with tag Widows

Debt and Death Leave a Wake of Despair

Debt crippled Navita’s husband. As drought destroyed their harvest, all hope of paying off their loan vanished with the crops. Collection notices mounted, and Navita’s husband could only see one way ...

September 2018

The One Who Knew a Widow’s Pain

Saci’s life was not easy. As a girl, she forwent an education in order to work alongside her parents as a laborer in the tea gardens. With the ...

August 2018

An Abandoned Mother’s Choice

Hansini looked incredulously at her husband. How could he want to kill their infant son? She refused to support his decision, which only caused more tension in the house and in their ...

August 2018

Unlocking the Door

Two of her children were gone. Missing. Where were they? What had happened? Where had they gone? It was her husband. He had taken them. Taken them and left again without telling ...

June 2018

‘How Is She Still Alive?’

Her doctors couldn’t understand. Harsika should have been dead. Her kidneys were diseased. They failed to function. Yet the widow was still alive ... barely. As disease ravaged Harsika’s body, worries ...

December 2017

A Day for the Widows

One hundred and ten women gathered together, invited by the local GFA-supported pastor and workers. Some were young; some were old. Some were Christians; others were not. Some had young children; ...

June 2017

Forsaken Mother Loved by the Church

Receiving a blanket once seemed impossible for women like Nidhyana, or this woman pictured who suffers from leprosy. Nidhyana couldn’t stop shivering. With no blanket to retain her body heat, the 65-year-old ...

September 2016

Finding Help in a Bucket of Milk

Just one year ago, life was different for the young woman. Gina could feel the daily ache in her muscles from her hard labor. Dust from the quarry where ...

August 2016

Meeting the God Who Loves Widows

If there is a god, she thought, Why does he not care for me? Why did he let me face such a sorrowful life? The civil war changed ...

June 2016