Articles with tag Sisters of Compassion

Wounds of Leprosy Healed

Leprosy. The very word carries a certain stigma and arouses apprehension in Asia, as if merely uttering it could expose you to the disease. Those affected by …

February 2020

Persecutor Becomes Protector

Rupak opened his front door wide to let in the three brightly dressed women. Wanting to honor his guests, Rupak quickly retrieved three chairs for the visitors. Rupak …

January 2020

Hard-working Mom Gains Second Chance

At age 34, Pival had a husband and five children, but she was missing something that most people gain during childhood. With her days spent laboring tirelessly in …

May 2019

Hope Found Where There Was None

Twelve-year-old Aijez had never set foot inside a school. He and his family lived in the slums. His father, Mukil, earned a living as a daily laborer, while Aijez …

January 2019

Covered by Love

Wind whipped through the plastic sheets, lifting them to the sky as they strained against the bamboo frame. Huddled inside the small, sparsely thatched structure, Kajri shielded herself from the sharp …

January 2019

An Abandoned Mother’s Choice

Hansini looked incredulously at her husband. How could he want to kill their infant son? She refused to support his decision, which only caused more tension in the house and in their …

August 2018

Unlocking the Door

Two of her children were gone. Missing. Where were they? What had happened? Where had they gone? It was her husband. He had taken them. Taken them and left again without telling …

June 2018

Disfiguring Disease Leads to Life

She had only been married a few days. What should have been one of the best times of her life was suddenly marred by a strange condition in her leg. Yoshita, …

February 2018

‘I Was Ashamed of Myself’

Fulmala’s young hands swept floors, laundered clothes and washed dishes. Young hands of a child that should have been playing. Young hands that should have been learning. Young hands that carried home …

June 2017