Articles with tag Sewing Machine

Debt and Death Leave a Wake of Despair

Debt crippled Navita’s husband. As drought destroyed their harvest, all hope of paying off their loan vanished with the crops. Collection notices mounted, and Navita’s husband could only see one way ...

September 2018

Short Stories about the Impact of Christmas Gifts

Many people throughout the world have the skills they need to provide for themselves, but they lack the means to purchase required tools. Without these necessary resources, many become daily {% ...

January 2018

Sewing Her Sister Through College

Harshika knew how to tailor clothes, but she could not afford her own sewing machine. When she and others, such as these women pictured, receive sewing machines, they are able to significantly ...

January 2017

Sewing Machine Helps in Time of Crisis

Murali and Tulika faced poverty every day. When they started attending a fellowship led by a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, Tulika was able to sign up for a tailoring class at ...

April 2016