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Medical Camp Helps Sick Village

Medical camps are among the most effective ways to bring poor, impoverished communities the health care they desperately need. In one particular village, hundreds of men, women and children suffered from symptoms of COVID-19. Recognizing …

November 2022

Church Brings Aid to the People of Myanmar

The cry of suffering, fear-gripped people is heard all over the land of Myanmar. Amid an intolerable situation caused by political upheaval and COVID-19 surges, {% link 'GFA missionaries are doing all they can' '/coronavirus/' …

March 2022

Medical Camp Benefits Body and Soul

What GFA pastor Souta witnessed grieved him. The people in the village were poverty stricken, marginalized, uneducated regarding health and hygiene and lived without proper sanitation or health-care facilities. As a result, they frequently suffered …

February 2022

Mother Pleads for Help

Primia’s throat burned. Each time the young girl took a sip of water, her throat protested. Every bite of food took effort to swallow. Her parents thought it might be a side-effect of the weather, …

February 2022

Medical Camp for Those Hidden in Plain Sight

At a glance, nothing looked remarkable about the cluster of homes separated from one another by small patches of grass, but an invisible barrier separated them from the surrounding city. The residents of these homes …

January 2021

More Than Just a Checkup

Tarik, a GFA-supported pastor, serves in the heart of one of the largest cities in Asia. Looking up from the squalor and poverty of the slums, he can see towering skyscrapers …

April 2020

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