Articles with tag Literacy

Hope Found Where There Was None

Twelve-year-old Aijez had never set foot inside a school. He and his family lived in the slums. His father, Mukil, earned a living as a daily laborer, while Aijez ...

January 2019

God Answers Prayers for a Slum

Sisters of Compassion in Asia stretch out loving hands to the helpless and downtrodden, ministering to their everyday needs. Most of 12-year-old Mareechi’s neighbors were poor and uneducated, like ...

September 2016

Watching from Afar

Pieces of literature help answer questions that people like Niriksh (not pictured) often have about Jesus. Niriksh was impressed by what he saw. The elderly man sat at a distance, watching a ...

September 2016

She Was 25 and Couldn’t Read

When the prayers of a GFA-supported pastor and the local congregation freed Mirgakshi’s father from his strange behavior and inexplicable health issues, Mirgakshi and ...

June 2016