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After the Film He Didn’t Want to See

For the first time in 25 years, a village gathered to see life-changing scenes scroll before their eyes. Afterward, the projector screen went blank, but the story of Jesus story remained …

May 2020

Driving Where Few Tread

A large gathering of about 200 people crowded to get a good view. It was a film, quite the rare sight in this rural community. This film, however, was a particularly …

May 2019

He Knew Time Was Short

Sushil’s heart ached as he looked upon his grandmother for the last time. Her time to embrace Jesus had passed. He mourned for her, who had not only rejected Jesus’ love …

September 2018

Tools to Equip Workers

Following are a couple of stories highlighting various tools given to GFA-supported workers, which equip them for ministry where God has called them to serve. Tools like winter clothing and film equipment …

June 2018

Film Ministry Stories

God is using GFA-supported film ministry to show thousands of people His love and sacrifice for them. Over the years, many have come to embrace Christ as Lord after watching a film …

April 2018

Fifty Years to Find Peace

Fifty-year-old Jagrav stood before the silent crowd. “I do not know how many people here believe in what they have heard or seen,” he said. “But I believe in God ...” …

December 2017

Good Shepherd Takes Care of Goat Herder

Ujendra rounded up the goats and cows after they had grazed, leading them back to their homes with a wooden stick. Villagers hired him to care for their livestock, even though …

October 2016

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