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Widows Receive Hope Amidst Despair, Destitution

As cases of COVID-19 rose and lockdowns kept people at home, impoverished families found themselves struggling to survive. Without work, many feared starvation. In response to the growing desperation, thousands of GFA missionaries took the …

April 2022

GFA Pastor and Youth Help Families in Need

In the area where Pastor Daine serves, COVID-19 lockdowns prevented impoverished families from making a living. No money meant little to no food. Hearing of their plight, Pastor Daine and the youth in his church …

April 2022

Church Brings Aid to the People of Myanmar

The cry of suffering, fear-gripped people is heard all over the land of Myanmar. Amid an intolerable situation caused by political upheaval and COVID-19 surges, {% link 'GFA missionaries are doing all they can' '/coronavirus/' …

March 2022

Three Pastors, One City, One Pandemic

Pastor Marut’s phone kept ringing. The prime minister had declared a lockdown over the whole nation, and a chorus of voices echoed from Pastor Marut’s phone, one-by-one, each with a similar concern: “I can’t get …

June 2020

In the Wake of the Water

The 2018 flooding in Kerala brought sadness and destruction, yet in the wake of this disaster, many bonded together to help those in need. In these trying times the people of Kerala showed great resilience …

January 2019

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