Articles with tag Compassion Ministries

Hard-working Mom Gains Second Chance

At age 34, Pival had a husband and five children, but she was missing something that most people gain during childhood. With her days spent laboring tirelessly in …

May 2019

Because They Received a Toilet

As GFA-supported pastor Shantiv walked the dirt streets, he saw a great need. Poverty reigned in this particular slum, and many residents lacked a bathroom. Pastor Shantiv has been ministering in …

April 2019

In the Wake of the Water

The 2018 flooding in Kerala brought sadness and destruction, yet in the wake of this disaster, many bonded together to help those in need. In these trying times the people of …

January 2019

Changed by Love, Empowered by a Bicycle

Pranita looked at her discouraging surroundings. Crowded houses, wailing children and hopeless adults greeted her tired eyes. She and her family live in one of Asia’s largest slums. Fallen on Hard …

January 2019

Flooded Homes, Overflowing Hearts

“We were four members in our family when the water waves were increasing,” Tanish reflects. “We left our home to [go to] a safe place. ... Within a second, half of …

June 2018

From Danger to Good Health

Ekanga was worried about his wife. Though Pallavini took local remedies for healing, nothing helped. Many of the so-called treatments only made her worse. For more than a year, her bleeding continued, …

April 2016