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How a Piglet Transformed a Family

Exhaustion hung over Aamaal like a dark cloud. The 35-year-old woman felt nothing but fatigue, frustration and disappointment in herself and her beliefs. Aamaal’s husband, Rajkumar, regularly fell sick. As he …

January 2020

Giving Them What He Never Had

Imagine growing up without a father and being belittled and jeered at for it. Imagine growing up knowing nothing but hard, backbreaking work just to eat. Imagine never escaping the choking …

December 2019

When God Uses Goats to Answer Prayer

Sometimes, God decides to answer prayer supernaturally. Other times, He uses a natural solution, such as a goat. For Nand and his family, the gift of a {% link "pair of …

November 2019

Gift of a Cow Leads to a Double Blessing

When a church led by a GFA-supported pastor had the opportunity to bless several families with Christmas gifts, Pulak’s family received a much-needed cow. The family was so grateful for the …

November 2019

Blessed with a Buffalo

What is the greatest burden a family in Asia can face? For Lajvati’s family, it was sickness—and the resulting starvation. Lajvati and Teman attended a church led by GFA-supported pastor Kevan. …

January 2019

When God Healed the Witch Doctor’s Son

People in the village could hear the sounds of a man’s screams as the rickshaw passed. It stopped near the building where the Christians met, and a desperate and haggard-looking family stepped …

April 2017