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Goat Helps Save Woman’s Life

When Rahas walked home from a GFA Christmas gift distribution, he had no clue his gift—a hairy, bleating creature—would one day help him and his wife in one of their most …

December 2020

Rejected Family Finds {% trans 'Honor' %}, Joy

Pastor Sachin’s heart broke for the many people in his village who lacked education and lived in poverty. Worse, most didn’t know Jesus, even though they came from families that professed …

June 2020

How a Piglet Transformed a Family

Exhaustion hung over Aamaal like a dark cloud. The 35-year-old woman felt nothing but fatigue, frustration and disappointment in herself and her beliefs. Aamaal’s husband, Rajkumar, regularly fell sick. As he …

January 2020

Giving Them What He Never Had

Imagine growing up without a father and being belittled and jeered at for it. Imagine growing up knowing nothing but hard, backbreaking work just to eat. Imagine never escaping the choking …

December 2019

When God Uses Goats to Answer Prayer

Sometimes, God decides to answer prayer supernaturally. Other times, He uses a natural solution, such as a goat. For Nand and his family, the gift of a {% link "pair of …

November 2019

Gift of a Cow Leads to a Double Blessing

When a church led by a GFA-supported pastor had the opportunity to bless several families with Christmas gifts, Pulak’s family received a much-needed cow. The family was so grateful for the …

November 2019

Blessed with a Buffalo

What is the greatest burden a family in Asia can face? For Lajvati’s family, it was sickness—and the resulting starvation. Lajvati and Teman attended a church led by GFA-supported pastor Kevan. …

January 2019

When God Healed the Witch Doctor’s Son

People in the village could hear the sounds of a man’s screams as the rickshaw passed. It stopped near the building where the Christians met, and a desperate and haggard-looking family stepped …

April 2017

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