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Chills of Winter Give Way to Warmth

Sinhal’s childhood was marred by poverty and trauma. He and his family struggled to survive, staving off hunger and illness any way they could. Yet, above all else, there was one problem …

November 2019

Home Won’t Be the Same

Manisha’s family lived in a dangerous place filled with gangs and drug lords, but it was home—until her father disappeared into custody under suspicions of gang involvement. Her mother frantically sought …

August 2018

The Fire He Can’t Forget

Every child in House of Hope has a story. Seven-year-old Kapil had thought his family was just fine, until the day he watched flames climb his mother’s screaming form—flames ignited by his …

June 2017

6-Year-Old Flees Hatred, Finds Love

At 6 years old, Vairat has already faced intense hatred. He knows hunger, loneliness, pain, abuse and hardship. He knows what it means to fend for himself. He knows what life …

June 2016

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