The Time Was Now
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

September 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 6

The Time Was Now

“Right after my mother’s death, I will choose to follow Christ as my Saviour,” Amol once told his wife, Mithi.

Amol wasn’t ready to change, yet his alcoholism made life horrible for Mithi and their two children.

One day Mithi met Janisha and Saujanya, two Gospel for Asia missionaries who were visiting her village. Mithi told the women her story: She had grown up in a Christian family before marrying Amol, a non-Christian. Because he drank heavily and frequently abused her, she ended up turning from her faith.

Hearing this, the missionaries prayed for Mithi’s family and gave her a booklet titled “Man: What Are You?”

Two days later, Janisha received a call from a believer in Mithi’s village reporting a drastic transformation in Mithi’s life.

After reading the booklet, Mithi and Amol had begun thinking deeply about the significance of their lives and realized they needed to put their faith in Christ.

Through a piece of Gospel literature, God convicted Mithi’s and Amol’s hearts, and together they've decided to follow Him today and forever.

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