‘My Life Is in Christ’: One Man’s Journey from Depression to Hope
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

September 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 6

‘My Life Is in Christ’: One Man’s Journey from Depression to Hope

One minute he had possessed nearly everything he could want; the next he was undone by tragedy.

Married to a woman he loved and blessed with two children, Hammad enjoyed his life. He faithfully worshipped many gods and goddesses and ran a thriving business, which provided well for him and his family. Like Job, he was prosperous and happy.

But peace did not last. Hammad’s wonderful wife suddenly fell ill and died. He went numb with shock, plunging into depression.

Life seemed meaningless without her. Losing interest in work, Hammad stopped taking care of his business, and it collapsed. He isolated himself from other people and stayed within the four walls of his own house. Ignoring his health, he went days and months without a bath. His hair and beard grew long. One minute he had possessed nearly everything he could want; the next he was undone by tragedy.

Hope Dawns

But hope invaded Hammad’s life when a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor visited his home to share about Christ’s love. When Hammad’s family told Pastor Lomash about the tormented man’s condition, Lomash shared about how God had touched his own life. Hammad sat in the corner, listening. He wept aloud as he remembered his prior life, and Pastor Lomash began to pray for him.

Moved to show God’s love to Hammad, Pastor Lomash visited often. One morning, he convinced Hammad to bathe, and he took him to the barber shop for a haircut. On each visit, Lomash took time to sit with the struggling man and pray for God to heal his heart. Gradually, Hammad’s condition improved. Newfound peace flooded his heart.

Before his wife died, Hammad had worshipped many gods. But as Pastor Lomash shared Jesus’ love with him, Hammad’s heart opened to God’s truth. Instead of isolating himself, Hammad began speaking to everyone in his household! He started believing that the Lord heard and responded to people’s prayers. Excited about the pastor’s message, Hammad asked his children to listen to Lomash’s words.

Abiding in the Light

Soon, Hammad and his children started attending the local fellowship, and he embraced Christ’s love.

“I am happy to have my life back,” Hammad said. “I’m more than glad that my life is in Christ.”

The transformation in Hammad’s life filled him and his family with joy. Like Job, he had new hope in God after a season of testing and darkness. He shared this hope with others—including his younger brother, Achir, who also decided to follow Christ.

On March 23, 2012, Hammad went to be with the Lord, entering into rest and peace. While on earth he had rejoiced that his life was “in Christ.” Now in heaven, he dwells in eternal joy with his Saviour.

Although he passed away, Hammad left an enduring legacy—a brother and children who love Jesus. Both children continue to stand strong in their faith. Under the care of Pastor Lomash, Achir, too, is growing spiritually.

God transformed Hammad’s life through the compassion of a national missionary, and now Hammad’s family can look forward to worshipping Christ with him in heaven.

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