Jesus Loves Snake-Catchers Too
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 5

Jesus Loves Snake-Catchers Too

As usual, people in the bustling city marketplace hustled past Pradip, trying to avoid him.

A snake-catcher, Pradip was disdained by almost everyone. His people are a nomadic group at the bottom of the caste system, living outside the city in an isolated village comprised of temporary sheds. They rarely take baths or wash their clothes. Although the people’s traditional occupation is catching and defanging snakes, they earn their living primarily by going into busy city areas to beg and to entertain people through snake-charming, dramas and dances. Instead of sending their children to school, they usually teach them these methods of earning money. People look down on the snake-catchers because of their low caste, their lack of cleanliness and their aggressive begging tactics.

But on this particular day, something unique happened: Pradip was astonished when a man began talking with him. The man, Gospel for Asia pastor Ramra Khan, had been handing out Christian literature among the people and stopped to talk with Pradip about the love of Jesus.

Hearing that Jesus, the living God, loves the snake-catchers so much that He died for them, Pradip’s heart was stirred. He asked Pastor Ramra to come to his village to tell the other snake-catchers and their families about Jesus.

Even though most people wouldn’t have dared soil their image by going to the snake-catchers’ village, Pastor Ramra followed Pradip there that very day.

A Miracle Opens Hearts

Upon his arrival, Pastor Ramra learned that Damini, the wife of a snake-catcher, had been tormented by demons. Around noon, people brought her to Pastor Ramra under a tree, and he began praying for her. About 200 people gathered to watch as he interceded in Jesus’ name for the woman writhing on the ground.

The evil spirits struggled to maintain control over her.

“I will kill her,” one demon spoke through her.

But after four hours of intercession, God completely delivered Damini.

Astounded by this miracle, the villagers’ hearts opened to the Good News, and Pastor Ramra started visiting them regularly. People began to believe in Jesus.

Months later, when Pastor Ramra and some women missionaries hosted a prayer meeting in the village, many demon-possessed and sick people received deliverance and healing and decided to follow Christ.

Change from the Inside Out

God’s kingdom is rapidly spreading throughout this village. Not only does Pastor Ramra lead a prayer meeting every Friday night—usually attended by about 40–50 people—but he also started an adult literacy class and a Sunday school, where nearly 40 children learn about God’s Word every week.

As the villagers seek to know more about this Jesus who loves even snake-catchers, many have chosen to embrace Christ’s love—including Damini, Pradip and their families. These two families travel a long distance every Sunday to worship with Pastor Ramra’s main congregation in the city.

As Jesus’ light shines in this village, He is not only transforming individual lives; He is changing the entire community. Many people have stopped smoking. Parents have started sending their children to the nearby school, and people are learning the importance of bathing daily and adopting clean habits.

This transformation occurred because God used a national missionary to reach out in love to a group of despised people. Thank you for supporting the ministries of national missionaries so more people like the snake-catchers can experience Christ’s deep, redeeming love toward them.

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