Fresh Water and a Miracle
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 5

Fresh Water and a Miracle

They were running low on water again. Gaurav didn’t want to walk all the way to the hospital to get more, but that was the only option.

Water was scarce, and it was a daily struggle to provide for his family. All of the villagers had a hard time finding water to drink and use for everyday needs.

In his village, there were two Christian families. There were rumours spreading that these believers would be getting a well. They would not have to pay to use the well, and fresh, clean water would be available all the time. But Gaurav wasn't a believer, so he didn't think his family would be able to use it.

Jesus Well Installed

One day, the workers arrived to install the Jesus Well. All of the villagers watched with curiosity and longing as the well was drilled. Once it was finished, they were surprised and delighted to hear the local pastor, Yashwant, invite anyone who needed water to use the well. Gaurav was so pleased that he and his family wouldn't have to walk miles to get water anymore!

“This was the day God heard our prayers and gave us pure water to drink,” Gaurav says.

Gaurav, along with his wife, Vibhavari, and their two daughters, decided to attend the local worship services. At one of the services, Gaurav listened closely to what Pastor Yashwant was saying and chose to give his heart to Christ. He and his family began attending services regularly, and before long, Vibhavari made the decision to follow Christ too.

When Tragedy Strikes

Soon the family was enjoying their new-found peace and joy in serving Christ. Life was richer than it had ever been. Then one day Gulal, their 10-year-old daughter, became severely ill. Gaurav and his wife rushed her to the nearest hospital and learned that she had a hole in her heart and was suffering from lung complications.

The doctor said she would need an operation immediately. “Lord Jesus,” Gaurav prayed, “I don’t have money to spend for my daughter. Please heal her heart disease.”

Pastor Yashwant and his wife visited the hospital and prayed for Gulal. They shared Bible verses to comfort Gaurav and Vibhavari while they waited to see what would happen to their daughter.

The Lord Is Healer

One day, the girl realized that her symptoms had disappeared. The Lord had answered her parents’ faithful prayers. During worship on Sunday, Gulal shared the miracle that God had performed in her life.

Imagine how different the outcome would have been had the Jesus Well not been provided for this village. Gaurav and his family may never have gotten the opportunity to hear about Christ and learn that He is the true Healer.

Thank you for your involvement in the lives of people like Gaurav and his family through your gifts and prayers.

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