Off the Streets and Out of Bed
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 4

Off the Streets and Out of Bed

Usually Nabanipa, 65, spent her days begging. But when she didn’t leave her small hut for three days, her neighbours didn’t bother to find out why.

After the death of Nabanipa’s husband, her children stopped looking after her. When she fell severely ill with fever and diarrhea, no one was there to care for her—until members of the local Women’s Fellowship group found out. Hearing that Nabanipa lay bedridden without food, they went to help her.

The women prayed for Nabanipa, fed her and cleaned her hut. When they informed the regional Women’s Fellowship leaders of Nabanipa’s situation, the leaders came to the village for a few days to help care for this woman in desperate need.

After five days, Jesus had not only restored her body. He had also touched her soul. Overwhelmed by the love and care shown by women who weren’t even related to her, Nabanipa embraced His love when they shared the Good News.

Nabanipa now praises the Lord and no longer begs on the streets. She regularly joins the local congregation for worship services, and the Women’s Fellowship group is providing for her spiritual and physical needs.

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