Praising God through Pain
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 4

Praising God through Pain

He returned home, unable to move from his bed, but his focus remained on God.

Siraj’s life changed in an instant. As he travelled home from college to visit his family, a sudden accident caused him to lose all feeling in his legs. But even before this physical trauma, Siraj had lived a tumultuous and difficult life.

Siraj had been taught by his parents to worship the traditional gods and goddesses of their people. His family was very dedicated to their religion; however, their home was far from peaceful.

Because of satanic episodes, two of Siraj’s younger brothers had died. Then a third baby brother started becoming weak and frail; he screamed for days at a time.

The family consulted witch doctors and priests for help, but they found no solution. Finally, they took the baby to the local pastor for prayer. Gospel for Asia pastor Jagan used this opportunity to share the Gospel with Siraj and his family. After the pastor’s fervent prayer, the baby was healed! The family put their trust in the Lord after seeing the miracle. Moved by what they had witnessed, Siraj and his family began serving the Lord wholeheartedly.

Dedicated to Sharing Christ's Love

When Siraj was in high school, he began helping Pastor Jagan with ministry responsibilities and eventually answered God’s call to enroll in a Gospel for Asia Bible college.

For three years, Siraj committed himself entirely to learning from God’s Word. It was on his way home from Bible college one day that he got in the accident that changed his life.

He spent the next six months in the hospital, but the doctors could do nothing to bring the feeling back to his legs. He returned home, unable to move from his bed, but his focus remained on God. He used this time as an opportunity to give thanks and to draw closer to Jesus.

Eventually, God healed Siraj’s body enough that he was able to walk with the help of a cane. After returning to Bible college and completing all of his courses, he wanted to go back home to serve the people in his community and share Christ’s love with them.

Still Serving against All Odds

Siraj was able to start a Sunday school class for local children in his home, because he couldn't easily walk around the village.

In the beginning, very few children came to the class. But as Siraj continued to sing songs, share Bible stories and say prayers with each child, their lives began to change. The children came from families who were suffering due to sicknesses and satanic bondage, just as Siraj’s family had before hearing about Jesus.

The children’s parents started attending and listening to Siraj teach from the Bible as well. When Siraj prayed for the families, they were miraculously delivered from the demonic powers in their lives. Experiencing the power of God, these families also chose to follow Jesus and embrace the freedom found in Him.

God's Continued Favour

The growth of this ministry did not stop there, though. People from outside the village travelled to Siraj to receive prayer. Men and women would come to the prayer meetings at his home with tears in their eyes, but leave rejoicing in the Lord.

Despite opposition, this community of believers continues to thrive. More than 50 men and women regularly gather to worship God together, and the number is rapidly growing.

Even though Siraj has been through many painful trials in his life, he always has found joy in Christ and been eager to share that joy with others.

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