More than Any Other Deity
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

April 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 3

More than Any Other Deity

As Bahubali watched, he felt a strange sensation, as if Jesus were touching him and healing him, too.

Intense pain gripped Bahubali’s stomach, but he was determined to stay for the entire film screening. A team of Gospel for Asia missionaries had invited every family in the village to watch, and it was sure to be the height of discussion the next day.

The man in the film, Jesus, had lived an incredible life, and now, on the screen, He had just healed a blind man and was getting ready to heal someone suffering from leprosy. As Bahubali watched the miracles, he felt a strange sensation, as if Jesus were touching him and healing him, too. To his amazement, the pain was suddenly gone—like it had never been there to begin with.

When the film ended, a pastor explained Jesus’ love and invited people to receive prayer. Bahubali came forward and shared how he’d been healed, exclaiming that the power of Jesus was more powerful than any other deity’s. He said he wanted to follow Christ from then on.

The pastor invited Bahubali to attend church the next Sunday, and Bahubali brought his wife and three children. During the service, the whole family came forward in tears, all desiring to embrace Christ and His love.

As word of the family’s decision got out, the community became angry and threatened them. The new believers didn’t abandon their faith, though, knowing the power and love of their God too well to leave Him for anyone else.

Thank you for giving and praying so many like Bahubali can experience Christ’s transforming power in their own lives.

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