A Difficult Choice Brings Hope to a Child
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

April 2013 • Vol. 9, No. 3

A Difficult Choice Brings Hope to a Child

In the slums of South Asia, families face heart-wrenching choices every day.

For Ekisha’s parents, the decision was whether or not to keep their daughter in school. A life of daily labour had taken its toll on Ekisha’s father, and he could no longer work.

The family decided to pull Ekisha, 11, out of school so she could find a job.

Ekisha was enrolled at the time in a local Bridge of Hope centre. When the staff members heard the news, they gently reminded Ekisha’s family that the girl’s very future was at stake.

Ekisha’s parents decided to make a loving sacrifice. They allowed their daughter to stay enrolled.

“We now understand the value of education,” her parents say, overjoyed. “We can never forget the values Bridge of Hope invested in us.”

And as Ekisha’s parents continue to see their child’s development, they learn more and more about the nature of the Saviour’s love for them.

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