Healed in an Instant!
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

December 2012 • Vol. 8, No. 8

Healed in an Instant!

Pastor Sachh waited patiently. The ministry in this village had progressed slowly, and he longed to see a breakthrough in people’s hearts. Sachh knew God would be faithful to bring it to pass, but he had no way of knowing that the answer to his prayers was one house visit away.

A Breakthrough was Slow in Coming

Ever since his enrollment in a Gospel for Asia Bible college, Sachh had regularly fasted and prayed, desiring to serve among uneducated, impoverished people. God had even given him a vision of the village where his future ministry would begin.

The remote village to which he had been called was best reached by boat. The alternative? Crossing 10 mountain ranges. Pastor Sachh knew no one upon his arrival, so for six months he built relationships with the people. He also gave them literature about Jesus and tutored their children. His labors yielded no immediate fruit, but he persevered.

She Found the Cure to All of Her Problems

One day Sachh entered the home of Lavenia. This poor woman was suffering with severe stomach pain and couldn’t keep down food for longer than five minutes. Visiting hospitals and witch doctors caused her to spend a great deal of money, but they provided no cure.

Pastor Sachh recognized the God-given opportunity before him and prayed for Lavenia’s healing in the name of Jesus. The very next moment, she was completely healed! Lavenia could eat all kinds of food without fear of being unable to keep it down. Seeing this miracle, her family began gathering with Pastor Sachh to worship God. Slowly, others joined them.

Ministry Expands to the Surrounding Villages

Since then, Pastor Sachh has established a church in this village as well as three small fellowships in nearby villages. To continue sharing Christ’s love to the most unreached, Sachh has pioneered a boat outreach that ministers to surrounding people groups by distributing Gospel literature and sharing the Good News. Your prayers and support for missionaries like Sachh are bringing breakthroughs in villages throughout South Asia! Thank you for standing with our brothers and sisters as they labor faithfully for the glory of God.

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