Grace in a Difficult Land
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2012 • Vol. 8, No. 5

Grace in a Difficult Land

Gaura has grown up her entire life in a village that is aggressively hostile to Christianity. Her father works as a farmer and her mother is a housewife, but they do not earn much of an income. Gaura is currently in the 9th grade, enrolled in one of Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope centers. The fact that this Bridge of Hope center even exists, in a village that detests Christianity, is truly a blessing.

Gaura’s family members were faithful to the traditional religion of their community. Everything changed, however, when Gaura became ill.

Surgery Needed

About seven years ago, Gaura started suffering from epilepsy. She would often fall unconscious with little to no warning. Her parents took her to various doctors until they received shocking news. Gaura needed surgery on her brain.

The family took her to a specialty hospital, where they received the same recommendation: surgery or else. But even with the costly surgery, the doctors could not guarantee Gaura’s recovery. The medical staff sent her home with medication to try to ease the symptoms. Her parents didn’t know what to do.

Praying for a Miracle

Aware of Gaura’s unfortunate condition, the Bridge of Hope staff and even students came to her house to pray for her.

Gaura also started to pray. She trusted that Jesus could heal her condition. Soon her seizures disappeared altogether. It was a miracle.

Gaura and her parents returned to the specialty hospital. The doctor had a new diagnosis this time: She was completely healed! The parents realized that the one true God had healed their daughter, and they gave their lives to Christ when they saw His love and power.

Another Problem Arises

Although Gaura and her parents rejoiced in God’s touch on their lives, they also knew that their neighbors would not be pleased to find out about the family’s new religion. They wanted to attend the local church but were afraid of repercussions from anti-Christian extremists.

In the meantime, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Pastor Kamukh makes frequent visits to them and disciples the family in the Word.

“Persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ is a common reality in South Asia,” says GFA President K.P. Yohannan. “This is why discipleship from our dedicated brothers is so crucial for these precious young believers. Thank you for your support and fervent prayers for them to remain faithful in the midst of suffering.”

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