A Film Team’s Full Day’s Work
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2012 • Vol. 8, No. 5

A Film Team’s Full Day’s Work

A film team consists of two missionaries, traveling each morning to a new village.

They minister to people during the day and then show a movie on the life of Christ in the evening. And a film team’s day is often full of surprises.

Trouble for a Young Woman

One such surprise came in the form of a young lady named Dhriti. For some time, Dhriti had been suffering with health problems. It got to the point at which she was no longer able to eat and, as a result, became extremely sick. In addition, Dhriti’s behavior was erratic, causing tension in her family. It turned out this was no ordinary illness. An evil spirit was afflicting Dhriti.

Her husband took her to various doctors and temples in an effort to heal her, but nothing seemed to help. Her behavior only worsened as time went on. Frustration was mounting, and Dhriti’s husband had reached his breaking point. Not knowing where to turn or what to do, he was ready to leave her.

But the Lord had other plans.

A Timely Meeting

That day, film-team members Nirav and Udyan met Dhriti and her husband. They told the couple about the love of Jesus and invited them to watch the movie later that evening.

Dhriti’s family decided to attend, but Dhriti had no interest in going. In spite of her angry protestations, however, the family somehow convinced her to come along.

She may have agreed to go with them, but she didn’t go quietly. Dhriti shouted disruptively throughout the film. After the movie, our film team prayed for Dhriti’s deliverance, and her family couldn’t believe what they saw. She was immediately freed from her bondage, and the demon was gone. That very evening, Dhriti and her parents received Jesus into their lives.

A Village in Awe

The village was well aware of Dhriti’s troubles, so to see her transformation was a shock to many. Dhriti’s healing has opened many of the villagers’ hearts. Dhriti’s husband also changed his mind about leaving his wife. Praise the Lord for sending the film team at the right time and for healing this broken family!

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