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Life-Changing Words for a Drunk Man

Something happened in Riva’s mind and heart as her eyes scanned the words of a Man whose wisdom changed lives. As she read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, she learned of the God who taught people to love their neighbors, to forgive, to turn from sin. … Could this God change her life—and the life of her husband? Riva and her husband, Pezi, had two children. Riva work ...

A Church Planted Despite Adversity

Pastor Lewys had been threatened. Stop your work, the villagers had said. Don’t continue your ministry in our village, they had advised. But he would not stop, nor could he. Persevering Despite Opposition In 2014, Past ...

Love Shows Girl Path for Tomorrow

Taya’s childhood had been one of uncertainty and poverty. Despite her parents’ hard work, they did not earn enough money to properly provide for their family. And Taya suffered because of it.

Tears of Joy Supplant Tears of Sorrow

Tahiya’s house was silent. Perhaps tears rolled down the widow’s cheeks. She had no one to talk to, no one to care for her. Her days were full of sorrow and toil. Tahiya’s husband had succumbed to ...

K.P. Yohannan Visits GFA’s Work in Africa

In May, K.P. Yohannan (Metropolitan Yohan) visited Rwanda to witness and participate firsthand in GFA World’s expanding ministry. During the visit, he joined the Africa team to visit several communities and marketplaces, distributing Gospel tracts and sharing Christ ...

K.P.’s Corner

Spending time in prayer for the lost world is not an easy thing. It takes energy to focus our attention, meditate and ask the Lord to give us faith. It expends not just our time but everything  ...

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