Spiritual Haven for a Hillside Village
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

<p>This new church building is a strong symbol and blessing to the many that worship there.</p>

These faithful believers struggled as they gathered under a flimsy bamboo roof that repeatedly blew off. Now they have this permanent structure, which can withstand the winds.

February 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 2

Spiritual Haven for a Hillside Village

Pastor B. pioneered GFA World’s ministry in a Himalayan village in 2010, and three families began gathering as a fellowship. Later, in 2017, Pastor S. took over the ministry in this village, and since then, more people have joined the church every year. For 10 long years, the faithful gathered under a structure with a roof made of bamboo and zinc. Twice, wind blew the roof off; the pastor and the faithful struggled to gather for worship. Yet, without giving up, they continued in prayer, trusting God would open the way for them to have a church building. Their long-awaited prayers were answered in August 2021 when the congregation, now with more than 130 members, received a beautiful church building.

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