Sisters of Compassion Arm Villagers with Health Knowledge
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<p>Sisters of Compassion teaching about proper health care.</p>

On World Health Day, Sisters of Compassion shared practical knowledge and tips with these men and women to help them protect their health.

February 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 2

Sisters of Compassion Arm Villagers with Health Knowledge

A team of GFA World Sisters of Compassion greeted 27 men and women who had gathered from the community. It was a special occasion, but the faces were familiar. This team regularly visited the village, serving people in need. But today they had a special purpose. Aware of the people’s vulnerability to sickness, these ladies saw World Health Day as an opportunity to organize a program to arm villagers with knowledge against infectious diseases.

Ruth, a ministry leader for Sisters of Compassion, accompanied the local team. She encouraged the men and women to keep their homes and surroundings clean, taking the time to explain the symptoms and treatments of diseases such as malaria and dengue. After offering ways to stay healthy, the Sisters prayed for the villagers.

The program was eye-opening; many of the participants had been unaware of the easy steps they could take against these deadly diseases.

“Sometimes when we get sick, we blame it on witchcraft and other such things,” said Reiko, one participant. “But today, we have learned the truth about the real cause of some of these diseases. I thank the Sisters for educating us about these things.”

Many invited the Sisters to their homes, wanting to learn more about healthy living; this opened doors for more ministry as the Sisters prayed and spoke with villagers on a deeper level.

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