Medical Camp Benefits Body and Soul
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<p>Women at a GFA World Medical Camp.</p>

Medical camps such as this one offer free medical care to people who may otherwise have no access to health care.

February 2022 • Vol. 19, No. 2

Medical Camp Benefits Body and Soul

What GFA pastor Souta witnessed grieved him. The people in the village were poverty stricken, marginalized, uneducated regarding health and hygiene and lived without proper sanitation or health-care facilities. As a result, they frequently suffered from various illnesses. Without access to medical treatment, or the funds to pay for it even if it were available, these people bore the burden of sickness the best they could.

Compelled to ease their suffering, Pastor Souta organized a free medical camp, hoping to bring positive change and restore health in the community. He partnered with local government leaders and medical professionals, who volunteered their time and expertise, to provide quality health care to people with none.

Doctors performed routine checkups and treated ailments such as the flu, colds, allergies, diarrhea, headaches, stomachaches and fever. Though these are common sicknesses, early detection is often key for successful treatment. People without access to medical care often suffer needlessly, sometimes even die, from treatable illnesses.

More than 100 people benefited from the camp, which also included free medication, HIV testing and bloodwork. Pastor Souta and his team rejoiced in the camp’s success and that they were able to show Christ’s love and care by helping the underprivileged, needy people in this way.

<p>Men, women and children at a GFA World Medical Camp.</p>

More than 100 people benefited from the medical camp organized by GFA pastor Souta.

While many came seeking medical help, 22-year-old Sani also sought spiritual help. She approached Pastor Souta, asking for prayer.

“I want to come to the church because I have been mentally stressed a lot,” Sani told him. “I want to get peace in my mind as well as in my family.”

The missionaries’ concern also impacted a doctor who participated in the program.

“I worked with many non-governmental organizations, but this type of care, love and commitment I am seeing for the first time,” he said. “I would like to work with this church again.”

Thanks to donors like you, GFA missionaries can minister to people in need spiritually and physically through free medical camps and other medical outreaches.

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