GFA Workers Calm a Grandmother’s Fears
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Viva and her grandmother are pictured together.

Since Viva’s mother passed away, the girl’s aging grandmother has been her only provider.

December 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 8

GFA Workers Calm a Grandmother’s Fears

Seidy and her 7-year-old granddaughter, Viva, were all alone, with no support from family. Before the girl’s mother had died of tuberculosis, the three of them had struggled together. Now, Seidy was all Viva had left, and the grandmother’s health was declining. Who would care for Viva when she was gone?

A Heavy Heart

Seidy worked hard as domestic help, but she could only afford a rented shed in a crowded slum. Any income beyond rent money went to support Viva. The girl was Seidy’s life, and worry for Viva consumed the aging widow.

Seidy was grateful for GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program, which had welcomed Viva while the girl’s mother was still alive. The family’s financial burden eased as Viva received proper nutrition, a uniform and school supplies.

With the loving care and guidance Viva received from GFA workers, the previously obstinate girl matured. She diligently applied herself to her studies and even helped with chores at home. The program and its impact became a breath of fresh air in their home.

But now, without the girl’s mother, Seidy bore a new set of worries.

What would happen to Viva when she died? Would Viva become a wandering orphan with no one to care for her?

Feeling helpless, Seidy had given up hope. She saw no way for Viva to have a better life.

Hope Dawns

Then GFA workers assured her they would continue to see to Viva’s care should anything happen to Seidy. Peace and gratitude flooded the grandmother’s heart.

Children in GFA World's Child Sponsorship Program are pictured studying.

Through GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program, God has given Viva a support network, an opportunity to learn valuable skills, and a hope for the future.

Viva would continue receiving tutoring and other assistance, which would support her welfare and help build a solid foundation for her future. GFA World had come to her rescue when nobody else cared to help. Though Seidy’s health is deteriorating, she can rest assured her granddaughter’s future is hopeful.

Thanks to donors like you, GFA workers can rescue children like Viva from desperate poverty, offering help and hope in Christ’s name.

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