Family’s Despair Lifted Through Healing, Cow
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Family pictured with the cow they were given through a GFA World Gift Distribution.

Through GFA’s Christmas gift distribution, Caelan, like the man pictured, received a cow that provided income and milk for his family.

December 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 8

Family’s Despair Lifted Through Healing, Cow

Caelan froze—it was happening again. His leg had gone stiff; he couldn’t move it. The 40-year-old man suffered from intermittent, unexplained paralysis a few times a month. Caelan didn’t know how he could live like this, nor how he could provide for his family like this.

Ordinarily, Caelan would be out working to provide for his wife, but the mysterious bouts of paralysis immobilized him. Seeking a solution, Caelen and his family sacrificed animals for relief. For seven long years, however, Calen endured frequent paralysis attacks, and he and his family sank into despair and frustration.

Then Caelan met a man who could help—GFA pastor Damani. After Caelan shared his troubles, Pastor Damani prayed for the desperate man. The pastor continued praying for Caelan for about a month until Caelan no longer faced the intermittent paralysis. It was a miracle!

Recognizing both God’s power through Caelan’s healing and His great love for them, Caelan and his family started attending Pastor Damani’s church and eventually began following Christ.

Six years after Caelan’s incredible healing, Pastor Damani had a surprise for him. The pastor had noticed how he struggled to provide for his family and sought to help. Through a GFA gift distribution, Caelan received a cow! This gift cow would help Caelan better provide for his family and meet their needs.

A few months after receiving the cow, it gave birth to a calf. Then, a few years later, another calf was born, bringing further blessing to the family. Caelan and his family could sell the milk and dung as fertilizer for income. Once bound by despair and discouragement, Caelan and his family now had hope for their future. Thanks to Caelen’s newfound health and the cows the Lord had blessed him with, he could provide for his family.

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