Sisters Gain Relief from the Cold
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Blankets and winter clothing help provide warmth and hope to many in need.

When winter temperatures drop, GFA workers often gift warm clothing to meet a vital need for people in their communities, especially children like Sarena and like the girls pictured.

November 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 7

Sisters Gain Relief from the Cold

At the tender age of 6, Sarena lost her mother to tuberculosis. Though her father was alive, she had essentially lost him to the bottle. An alcoholic, he wasted his earnings on drink and neglected to care for Sarena and her younger sister, Saskia.

Sarena’s grandparents couldn’t bear to leave their helpless granddaughters in this predicament. They took Sarena and Saskia under their care, spending their precious resources to nurture the girls. Their grandparents longed to offer more, to give them a better life, but even providing for the girls’ basic needs strained their funds.

A Breath of Relief

One day, Sarena’s grandma, Lanna, heard of GFA’s child sponsorship program and eagerly enrolled both girls. Suddenly Sarena and Saskia had practical help for their education and regular, nutritious meals for their bellies. Their grandparents could breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the girls would receive the help they needed and have hope for a brighter future.

As winter approached, however, so did another concern. The girls had only old, tattered jackets to protect them from the cold. Would these thin barriers be enough to keep them warm? They could only hope so; their grandparents could not afford new ones.

A Gift of Warmth

Then came a lovely surprise: Everyone in the girls’ local child sponsorship program received new, warm jackets!

The GFA staff had recognized the needs of their students and provided. Lanna could hardly contain her gratitude.

“We were desperately in need of new jackets for my children,” Lanna said, “but I was unable to buy one for them. I was thinking about how my children will survive during the winter season with an old, tattered jacket. But unexpectedly, [the child sponsorship program] provided a new jacket to both of them. I am so thankful.”

Thanks to donors like you, GFA’s child sponsorship program can provide Sarena, Saskia and thousands more impoverished children with loving care and practical help.

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