K.P.’s Corner
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K.P. Yohannan

K.P. Yohannan

September 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 6

K.P.’s Corner

Too often we forget that we are here for only a short time. All those God has elected to be His are left here on earth as spiritual children to go through the school of life to learn God’s ways. The few years we have here on earth are a training session in which we are being equipped to reign with the Lord forever. When we make the decision, Jesus, You are my Lord, a transformation soon begins to take place. This individual, if he or she lives a sacramental life (a life fully set apart for the Lord), will see the importance of eternity and surrender to the Lord in every matter.

This incredible reality means we get to share in the beautiful way God begins to make Himself known through our earthen vessels, even as we experience a little of what it will be like to reign with Him for eternity.

When, here on earth, we lose sight of this commitment, we start to meander. Consider the people who go to buy groceries with a list made out. They know exactly which store they are going to and in which aisles and on which shelves they’ll find the items that they want. There is no meandering; their lives are intentional, focused.

By way of contrast, there are folks who just kind of walk around exploring, seeing if there might be something they hadn’t thought about or might have missed. … They might buy nothing, or they might buy things on impulse that they later regret. They have no intention to get something done and be on their way. … We must remain vigilant and focused on what the Lord has set before us, on what He has ordained us to do while on this earth. We must also remember that we are not alone in this endeavor—God is with us.

I thank God daily for His mercy in holding my hand and letting me continue to walk with Him and never allowing me to walk away, although there have been more than enough attempts by me to do so. His grace and His mercy have kept me from wandering away. …

What can give us the motivation to press on amid so many distractions surrounding us? It is the awareness that time is very short, and we simply cannot afford to give our lives to the things of this world.

It is due to your support, and the work of thousands of men and women, that we at GFA World can bear witness to what God is doing in the lives of the struggling and hurting. Let us continue to be aware of the short time allotted to us on this earth and strive as one body to help families and communities who are fighting against poverty and hopelessness without Jesus. Thank you for partnering with us!

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