She Found the One She Wanted to Follow
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Abena stands happily holding her bible.

The friendship of two GFA workers helped Abena (pictured) find new joy in Christ.

August 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 5

She Found the One She Wanted to Follow

Abena was a Christian, right? Her parents were Christians, and even though the lives of her non-Christian friends seemed more exciting, she regularly went to church and Sunday school. Wasn’t that enough? The teenage girl didn’t understand why she had no peace.

Ebah and Abrya, two GFA workers who served alongside the pastor, often saw the young woman at church, but they didn’t know the turmoil inside her heart. Reserved, Abena mingled with only a small group of people at church and rarely talked to the two older women—until the day they stopped at her house.

Chance Conversation Brings Hope

One day, as Ebah and Abrya were walking home from an event, they sensed the Holy Spirit leading them to stop and visit Abena’s family. While at the house, they chatted with Abena and her mother, and before leaving, Ebah prayed specifically for the girl.

A floodgate opened in Abena’s heart as she listened to Ebah’s prayers for her. Suddenly, Abena recognized there was someone who cared about her, someone she could talk to.

Friendship Leads to Transformation

Two days later, Ebah ran into Abena. For the first time, the teenager initiated a conversation with Ebah, and her openness took the older woman by surprise: Abena confided she was facing temptations.

Outwardly, Abena had followed in her parents’ footsteps by attending church. But inside, she was captivated by the lifestyle of her friends who didn’t know Jesus, and these longings left her without peace or joy.

Hearing the girl’s struggles, Ebah prayed for her again and encouraged her. “When Christ lives in your heart, you will discover joy,” she said.

Abena, hungry to experience this joy, continued to attend prayer meetings and church—this time from her own motivation to know Jesus. She gradually realized she needed to offer her life to Him. As God’s Word filled Abena’s mind and heart, she found contentment in Jesus.

Now, instead of longing to follow her friends, Abena confidently follows the perfect Friend who changed her life. She has become an example for others, telling her friends about the goodness of Jesus.

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