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<p>K.P. Yohannan</p>

K.P. Yohannan

June 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 4

K.P.’s Corner

Evangelist and Bible teacher Dr. John Haggai was not a household name in America. But when he passed away at the age of 96, this kindest and most gracious of men left a giant legacy for the kingdom of God.

A small part of that legacy was me.

As a skinny, 20-year-old student from India attending a seminary course in Singapore, I was transfixed as this passionate, bold American shot a burning arrow into my quivering faith: “Only what you do for Jesus Christ is eternal. Think of the one thing you will do with your life to glorify God.” …

Fast forward 50 years, and it’s a question I believe every follower of Jesus must contemplate and ultimately answer: “What is the one thing I will do for God?”

Coming from a small hamlet in India, I had no money to pay for the month-long leadership course. Dr. Haggai’s organization paid my expenses. When he saw me—a young man barely out of my teenage years—he confessed, “I don’t know why we invited you to come. … We never invite anyone under 30. Obviously, God must have a plan for your life.”…

Just over four decades ago, with this one thing burning in my heart and a seed donation of $50, I started Gospel for Asia (GFA World, Many people said to me, “This is a great dream, but it won’t work. You’re talking about doing things that are impossible.” Today, by God’s grace, GFA World is a global movement and one of the largest mission organizations in the world, serving millions of the poorest and most marginalized people and showing them the love of God. …

I can hear Dr. Haggai now: “Take courage. Press on. Die to yourself. Live for Jesus. Do that one thing for God’s glory.”

Men and women across Asia, like Pastor Serek or Sister Binta, have risen to the challenge and found that one thing to do for God’s glory: bringing His love to the broken and needy. Thank you for aiding them as they touch lives with Christ’s redeeming love.

Some of this material appeared on K.P. Yohannan’s blog on December 15, 2020. You can find the entire post at

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