Gospel for Asia Newsletter

The gift of winter clothing helps GFA workers stay warm and healthy as they minister in chilling temperatures.

January 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 1

Missionary Prays for Warm Coat

After graduating from Bible college, Kagen served the Lord where harsh cold fronts rush across the winter landscape. Sudden cold snaps threatened the poor, who were not able to afford adequate shelter, warm clothes or fuel for heat. For the most vulnerable, these cold snaps sometimes meant death.

Kagen struggled, too. He had a jacket, but it was old and no longer protected him from icy blasts. Kagen prayed earnestly for a new coat so he could continue to share God’s love, even when the winds howled.

God answered Kagen’s prayers at a gift distribution.

Kagen slipped an arm into the puffy coat sleeve and floated a prayer of thanks on the wind, grateful for the care of his Heavenly Father.

“I had become a prey of cold wave, and I was finding it difficult to maintain my daily life,” Kagen says. “At the right time, [the church] helped me with a new jacket. The jacket helps me to overcome cold wave. I thank [the church leaders] for providing a new jacket.”

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