Gospel for Asia Newsletter

Like Keetun and the children pictured, thousands of children are gaining fresh motivation to learn through GFA’s Bridge of Hope Program.

January 2021 • Vol. 18, No. 1

A Future Nearly Lost

Hunger gnawed at Keetun’s stomach again. His father had spent most of his earnings on alcohol, leaving too little money for Keetun’s mother to feed her children three meals a day. This sparked frequent arguments between the parents. Was this all the boy could look forward to? Constant hunger and strife? Was this his future?

Unable to Succeed in School

At 13 years old, Keetun had little hope of bettering his circumstances. He lived in a government-provided house with his parents and younger brother. With the money his father didn’t waste, Keetun attended a local school, but his attendance was spotty at best. He needed additional tutoring to succeed in his education, but his parents couldn’t afford it. The boy neared the point of giving up. There would be no future for him, no better life. That’s what Keetun thought, at least.

Then a coordinator from the local GFA Bridge of Hope center met Keetun’s family one day. While visiting families in the community, Bridge of Hope staff often come across children who desperately need the education provided by Bridge of Hope.

The coordinator invited the boy’s parents to enroll Keetun.

Boy Finds Success—and Joy

The first day at the center immersed Keetun into a whole new world, and the days that followed transformed the depressed boy. Every day, teachers greeted him with joy and care. Every day, he received a warm meal to erase the hunger that had often dominated the young boy’s thoughts at school. Every day, teachers poured gentle instruction and genuine direction into Keetun’s studies, helping prepare the boy for his future.

Keetun’s grades skyrocketed. Acing his tests, he began to excel in everything he put his mind to, even math, a subject he had previously hated. He joined his school’s athletic team and performed well in the events. Keetun shrugged off the shroud of hopelessness that had blanketed him, and he now radiates joy.

“I am thankful for the teachers at the [center] and every person who is supporting me by providing my needs,” Keetun says. “I … thank all [my] teachers for their commitment to educate us.”

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