Goats provide both joy and income to Christmas gifts recipients.

December 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 8

Goat Helps Save Woman’s Life

When Rahas walked home from a GFA Christmas gift distribution, he had no clue his gift—a hairy, bleating creature—would one day help him and his wife in one of their most desperate moments.

Rahas, his wife, Keva, and their two young daughters lived in poverty in a jungle village with no electricity. But the gift of a goat gave them hope for economic stability. Rahas and Keva watered this seed of hope as they diligently cared for their goat, and hope budded when the goat gave birth to a kid. Eventually, this once-impoverished family had a herd of five goats.

But sudden disaster tarnished the family’s newfound joy. Keva grew severely ill with a viral fever, and Rahas had no cash for medical treatment. He despaired—but God provided a solution.

Rahas realized he could sell one of his goats, which supplied him enough money to rush Keva to the hospital. A wave of relief and gratitude washed over Rahas when Keva recovered. He thanked God for saving her life—and for providing the goat that made medical treatment possible.

“Because of the gift [of a] goat, my wife is alive today,” Rahas says.