When Laya asked if she could use the well at Pastor Nathin’s church (pictured), she gained a more accessible water source—and two new friends.

December 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 8

Abandoned Mother Showered with Pastoral Love

Laya raised seven children who grew up and forgot their mother, leaving her behind as they moved to far-flung places. Her husband had died during a war, so Laya was completely alone. Only her one daughter visited her once a year.

Laya was growing older, and she had no one to help her with the most vital tasks, like fetching water. She had to jostle water buckets nearly two miles each way to the village well. She longed to skip the weary walk to the well that only produced murky water, so one day, she gathered courage and entered a building with a cheery yellow sign above the door: It was a GFA pastor’s church. Laya had heard that the well situated close to this building never ran dry.

Inside the building, Komali, the pastor’s wife, welcomed Laya, who asked if she could fill her buckets. Komali compassionately told Laya she could get water there any time. Relief flooded Laya’s heart, and the two women chatted pleasantly before Laya left with buckets of clear water at her side.

Love Visits Laya’s Home

Laya visited the church well daily and often talked with Komali and her husband, GFA pastor Nathin. Over time they learned about the death of Laya’s husband, her children’s abandonment and her utter loneliness; she also had increasing physical ailments—asthma, chest pain and aching joints. Komali and Nathin tenderly prayed for Laya, loved her and took care of her like a mother who deserved honor.

Every week, Pastor Nathin and Komali visited Laya’s home. They read the Bible to Laya, who had never learned to read, and encouraged her to trust the Lord. Over the next several months, Laya found hope welling in her heart, cultivated by the care of the pastor and his wife. Her physical ailments improved, and she felt happy again.

Not only has Laya discovered acceptance and belonging, but she has also discovered the Living Water through the love of Pastor Nathin and his wife.

“I am thankful to God that He gave me a new life,” Laya says. “I totally believe that Jesus is the true God, and I put my trust in Him. I cannot believe that, with one word of asking for help, I got water. Also, now I found the true living water.”