GFA Sisters of Compassion, like these women missionaries, are committed to ministering to impoverished and suffering people, such as widows, leprosy patients and slum residents. However, they often share hope with many other people in their communities, too, just as Raka and Nandali did.

July 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 6

Turbulent Household Finds Peace

As GFA Sisters of Compassion Raka and Nandali walked through the village they served in, they heard a loud fight erupting from a nearby house. The Sisters rushed to the house and attempted to calm down the occupants, Jinpal and his wife, Pankaja. This only made Jinpal angrier and he demanded the sisters leave.

Instilling Peace Through His Word

Two days later, the sisters walked by Pankaja’s home again. Pankaja, who was outside washing clothes, saw the women and stopped them.

“I am very sorry [that] on that day my husband sent you [away],” Pankaja said. “Now I am alone at home. Please come have a cup of tea.”

As the three women talked, Raka and Nandali saw that Pankaja desperately needed encouragement and peace.

The Sisters of Compassion told Pankaja about the love of God, and how He can heal fractured hearts—and homes. As the days went by, the sisters’ friendship with Pankaja grew, and Raka and Nandali encouraged her and prayed for her. Eventually, Pankaja grew curious to learn more about Jesus. She began reading the Bible and praying on her own.

At first, Jinpal opposed his wife’s new habit of reading the Bible and praying, but Pankaja didn’t stop. Eventually, Jinpal realized his wife’s new habit was changing the atmosphere of their home. His interest piqued, Jinpal began to join his wife’s prayer times.

A Family Transformed

One day, Raka and Nandali received a call from Pankaja, asking them to visit. The sisters, along with the local pastor, went to encourage the family. Jinpal and Pankaja announced they wanted to follow Christ.

After finding Jesus, the entire family lived in harmony. They began worshiping together at the local church and growing in their faith. Through the diligence of Sisters of Compassion, the peace of Christ finally dwelled in Jinpal and Pankaja’s marriage and home.