GFA workers installed 500 outdoor toilets, including those pictured here, to provide hygiene and safety for families in need.

July 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 6

Protecting Health by Giving Toilets

Gifts can come in many shapes and sizes. In one region of Asia, 500 families received gifts that were especially unique: toilets.

One of the biggest struggles for impoverished families is hygiene. Many have not received instruction on proper sanitation, and most cannot afford to install a toilet. Without these much-needed facilities, people are forced to relieve themselves outdoors, which creates a hazardous and unhygienic situation. Families struggle against disease and sicknesses as human waste contaminates fields and water sources. Nighttime, with its cover of darkness, is often the only time people without a toilet feel comfortable to relieve themselves, but women fear they may be assaulted.

Fortunately, GFA workers are helping families find safety, health and hygiene. In one of the most impoverished areas of Asia, GFA workers provided 500 outdoor toilets to families in need. One of the recipients, Prerak, told a story of how his wife fell into a ditch relieving herself at night.

Through a neighbor, Prerak came to hear of a local GFA pastor, who in turn came and prayed for Prerak’s wife. After her healing, the entire family attended services at the local church and were among the families selected to receive an outdoor toilet.

Through the gift of toilets, GFA workers are offering a safe, hygienic solution to many more families like Prerak’s who once struggled to stay safe and healthy.