GFA’s Bridge of Hope Program is giving the gift of education to boys and girls who may otherwise have struggled to complete school because their families couldn’t provide all the financial and academic support needed.

July 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 6

The Helping Hand for Her Future

Amita swept the floor, scrubbed the dishes and washed clothes, as she did most days. The girl’s faithful labor aided her mother, who struggled to provide for three children. But after her chores, Amita faced a challenge herself, and she had no one to turn to for help.

Too Many Burdens

Amita’s father passed away in 2011. Alone, Amita’s mother, Kriya, carried the burden of providing for Amita and her two brothers. Kriya worked as a daily laborer from morning until night to earn a little money for the family while her daughter helped by performing daily chores and caring for her brothers.

Even with the added responsibilities the girl bore, Amita went to school. An education could give the young girl the chance to one day overcome the poverty that stifled her family, but Amita struggled to complete her homework alone. Her mother, who was uneducated, couldn’t help her.

A Helping Hand

One day, some visitors came to Amita’s house. These visitors, staff from the local GFA Bridge of Hope center, were searching for the children who most needed the help Bridge of Hope could offer: a free education, good food and school supplies. After the staff members talked with Kriya, they invited her to enroll her children at the Bridge of Hope center.

Kriya excitedly registered Amita and one of her younger brothers. At Bridge of Hope, the siblings learned and grew alongside dozens of other children. Amita’s studies quickly improved as the staff helped her with whatever school subject she struggled in. Amita felt so happy attending the center and finally getting the help she needed with her homework.

The encouragement and help Amita received enabled her to excel in her education and in life. Kriya rejoices that Bridge of Hope has given her children the chance to thrive.

“I am very happy to send my children to the Bridge of Hope center,” Kriya says. “The Bridge of Hope staff takes extra time to teach them and [answer their questions] in all subjects. ... Now I don’t worry about their future, because Bridge of Hope will take care of them.”