Widow Journeys from Depression, Pain to Healing
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 5

Widow Journeys from Depression, Pain to Healing

Loneliness. Financial hardship. Snakes. Sahima’s life was full of burdens, but now her hands were full of hope.

A shred of joy lit within Sahima’s heart as she took a sack of staple food items into her hands. Many would see the package as an unremarkable gift, but for Sahima, it represented that she was seen and loved.

Hardships Multiply

Sahima’s struggles began 20 years ago, when her husband passed away. With her two children grown, Sahima lived alone, struggling to make ends meet. Financial stability seemed an impossible dream, as she worked in her community’s traditional vocation, snake-charming, which earns tiny wages—and scrutiny from both the nation’s government and animal welfare groups.

She watched in sadness as her daughter, who lived in the same village, suffered from constant stomach pain. Sahima sold the family’s land for medical treatment, but her daughter wasn’t healed.

Ten years after the death of Sahima’s husband, the cruelest blow landed. Sahima’s son passed away, leaving his two sons behind. Sahima took in her grandsons, but the aging grandmother earned very little. Sahima was worn down physically and emotionally; she suffered from knee pain, and she grew depressed.

New Friends and New Life

One day, Sahima met three Sisters of Compassion who led a prayer meeting and tutoring program in her village. At Sahima’s home, the GFA missionaries listened patiently and attentively as Sahima told them about the sorrows and pain that burdened her, and they lovingly encouraged Sahima. After the conversation, a new sense of joy sprouted in Sahima’s heart.

Desiring to bless the widow, the Sisters of Compassion visited Sahima regularly to help her with housework. With love and care, they cooked food for the family, washed clothes and trimmed Sahima’s fingernails. During their visits, they shared about God’s love and prayed for Jesus to heal Sahima and her daughter.

“He will take care of you and your children,” they told Sahima.

Sahima’s knee gradually began to feel better. After two weeks, Sahima told the Sisters, “I am thankful to God for healing me from knee pain through your prayers. I do feel [the] peace of God filling my life. Now, I believe in Jesus Christ.”

Love Leaves Lasting Mark

From then on, Sahima began to follow Jesus. She started attending the prayer fellowship conducted in her village each Wednesday.

One day, Sahima attended a special event the Sisters helped organize to observe International Widows Day. To show widows God cares for them, GFA workers distributed sewing machines to 10 widows and packages of staple food items to eight widows. Sahima thanked God for the ration package she received.

Although Sahima and her family still face challenges, she now knows there is a God who cares for her and her family in all their needs. She is growing in her relationship with Christ as she daily prays to Him and puts her trust in Him.

After God sent Sisters of Compassion to Sahima’s doorstep, their friendship and help became a lifesaver to the hard-pressed widow and her family. He used the GFA workers to lift Sahima’s burdens, showing her that He loves and cares for her. Now, Sahima gets to watch joyfully as her family members encounter the same life-changing love: One of her grandsons has also decided to follow Jesus.

Thank you for supporting national workers like the Sisters of Compassion who shared hope with Sahima. Through them and through your partnership, Christ is transforming the lives of many hurting people and communities.

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