Gift distributions hosted by GFA workers provide life-changing gifts to those who need them most, demonstrating the honor and love Christ has for the recipients.

June 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 5

Rejected Family Finds Honor, Joy

Pastor Sachin’s heart broke for the many people in his village who lacked education and lived in poverty. Worse, most didn’t know Jesus, even though they came from families that professed faith in Him. Pastor Sachin wanted them to experience the joy of knowing the God who offers abundant life.

Pastor Sachin treated everyone with respect—even Lahar, who was so poor the other villagers despised him. Lahar and his wife labored daily in rice fields to earn wages too small to meet all the needs of their three children.

While others wouldn’t befriend Lahar, Pastor Sachin often visited him and his family and invited them to church. Lahar, who had grown up in a Christian home, wasn’t interested in attending church, but he often encouraged his wife and kids to go.

Pastor Sachin prayed earnestly for a way to help Lahar’s family practically. When it came time to organize a Christmas gift distribution event, Pastor Sachin requested that Lahar receive a gift.

The day of the event arrived, and Lahar was called up to receive a cow. Tears filled the man’s eyes as he accepted this gift, which could provide milk and income for years to come. Overwhelmed, Lahar asked Pastor Sachin why he showed such love to his family; the cow was the most generous gift he’d ever received.

At Lahar’s invitation, Pastor Sachin visited Lahar’s home and prayed with him. He also told Lahar there was an even better gift than a cow: God’s love. Referencing John 3:16, Pastor Sachin explained how God loved the world so much that He sent His Son. Lahar listened attentively.

“I was born and brought up in a Christian family, but I did not realize the need of having fellowship with the Lord,” Lahar said.

Desiring new life, Lahar decided to follow Jesus and start attending church. Lahar and his family continued to rejoice over God’s provision of the cow—a much-needed source of income—and for the pastor’s friendship.

“Truly, God is great to love me so much and to honor me with this gift,” Lahar told his wife. “Now I believe our hard life will be stable soon.”