K.P.’s Corner
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 5

K.P.’s Corner

In my journey with the Lord, I’ve found out that the safest thing in the whole world is just to follow Jesus and learn more of Him.

… But how do we actually learn to follow Him? As I experienced in my early years of serving the Lord, there is an empowerment in seeing someone else walk out what it means to follow Jesus Christ in the daily hardships and difficulties. It is difficult to start out on a journey of truly following Christ in what He says without seeing someone beside you actually doing it.

In this newsletter, we read how Lahar’s life changed because a pastor befriended him and how a widow found lasting hope because some Sisters of Compassion helped and prayed for her. Most of us can think of people the Lord used to guide us in our journey with Him.

If you have not experienced this in your own life, look for someone who has gone further than you. Look for someone who is humble yet bold enough to follow Jesus at His Word, and choose to be discipled through the life you observe them living. The kind of situation I experienced living in close community with other godly examples is, I believe, one of the best ways to begin walking out authentic Christianity. But maybe for you, it is through the life of an author who is no longer living. It could be one of the fathers of our faith or one of the desert fathers who sought God Himself above all else. But whoever it is, ask God to give you an example of someone choosing Christ above all else.

And as you continue on this journey, keep in mind that our expectation of what we think God wants can have so little to do with His actual desires for us. So easily our steps to be discipled can become more about our own righteousness, which we seek to establish, instead of His. As He was in the world, we must also be, and He was humble. When Jesus described Himself in Matthew 11:29, He said, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart.”

As He lived, we should now also live. So look to Jesus; follow Jesus and others who follow Him closely. May the Lord use our lives to glorify His name.

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