Pastor Jaitra (pictured in red) joyfully presented sewing machines and other helpful gifts to the inmates of a local prison.

May 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 4

Prison Gifted with Sewing Machines

Pastor Jaitra prayed out loud, surrounded by a group of prisoners. Eight voices echoed Jaitra’s “amen.”

The small prayer meeting broke up. Walking out the prison doors, Jaitra held one prayer in his heart: that even more inmates would find new life.

One day, as Pastor Jaitra got ready for the prayer meeting at the prison, inspiration struck him. Not only had God provided His only Son, but He could also provide for the inmates’ practical needs!

Pastor Jaitra arranged for a gift distribution at the jail. Two sewing machines were given to the inmates: one to the men and one to the women. Inmates also gratefully received free medicine, water and New Testaments. The director of the prison expressed his thanks for the care and generosity of the church.

“We wish for the growth of [the church] constantly,” he said. “No matter what people say … do good service for the people as you are doing now.”