Sual (pictured) overcame his anger and rebellion when he discovered new life in Jesus. Now, despite opposition from his family, he pours his life into ministering to other young people.

May 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 4

A New Kind of Rebellion

As a teenager, Sual lived a reckless life and refused to listen to his parents. His friends were addicted to alcohol and drugs, and eventually he abused alcohol too. Sual even stopped attending school. His arrogance, anger and rudeness stunned his family and neighbors.

As Sual’s life careened down a treacherous path, Kavan, a GFA pastor, visited the village and noticed many young people who were living destructive lifestyles. Wanting to help, Pastor Kavan got permission from the villagers to start a free tutoring class for the youth.

Around 30 to 40 students began attending Pastor Kavan’s classes. At first, Sual’s parents forced him to go, but soon the young man valued the classes. Through Pastor Kavan’s teaching and encouragement, Sual gained a fresh desire to learn.

Curiosity Leads to Difficult Choice

One day, after class with Pastor Kavan, Sual brought home a New Testament. As he read it in his free time, questions filled his mind. He talked to Pastor Kavan, looking for answers, and the pastor gladly helped Sual to understand God’s Word.

Gradually, Sual’s desire to know God’s ways increased, and his desire to live in a rebellious, self-centered way decreased.

Sual’s family, however, feared the influence of a different faith; this clouded their ability to see positive changes in Sual’s life. They insisted that he stop visiting Pastor Kavan, even though they had originally sent Sual to the tutoring classes.

Sual faced a choice: Follow his family’s wishes or disobey.

Previously, Sual had rebelled out of selfishness, but this time, Sual rebelled to pursue Jesus. As he continued meeting with Pastor Kavan and attending worship services, Sual experienced God’s love and grace. Eventually, Sual chose to fully live for Christ, and he poured himself into the local church and the Youth Fellowship ministry.

Sual refuses to stop following Jesus, though his parents still oppose him.

“I have a new life in Jesus Christ,” he says, “and I thank God for saving my life.”