Many women in Asia had no opportunity to learn to read during their childhood. Adult literacy classes empower women in many ways, from making fair deals in the marketplace to reading God’s Word for themselves.

April 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 3

Words of Comfort in the Aftermath of Tragedy

Delani’s past holds more tragedy than most people ever encounter. As a child, she and her four siblings became orphans. Their subsequent poverty forced Delani to abandon her dream of literacy and marry at age 14. She and her husband happily raised two sons together—until her husband died. At only 21 years old, Delani became a widow.

Then tragedy struck again: Delani’s house burned down. What once provided safety and comfort now lay scattered as charred fragments—just like her shattered dreams. Delani started to despair, even doubting the value of her life.

Rebuilding on Words of Life

During this time of crisis, Delani met a GFA-supported pastor. She learned about her true value, that God gave His life for her and offers her abundant, eternal life.

The news of Jesus changed Delani’s life. She began worshiping with local believers and learning about Christ, and her heart began to heal. But when Delani saw other women carrying their Bibles and songbooks, her long-suppressed desire to read rose to the surface again. Delani ached to read about the Savior she now loved and to learn songs to sing to Him.


A few years later, Delani’s dream of literacy came true, thanks to partners like you. A GFA-supported literacy class opened in Delani’s church, and she enthusiastically participated. She studied by candlelight at night, poring over her lessons. When neighbors mocked her for studying, she kept her eyes fixed on her goal. She asked God for help, and He granted her understanding.

Today, Delani’s childhood dream of reading and writing is fulfilled. Although waves of sorrow rocked her past, she is now grounded in God’s Word and is walking in new hope for her future.