Beena with her BioSand water filter

April 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 3

No More Dirty Water

Beena and her family lived in a rural village, and they relied on water from the nearby well. The well water, however, was impure and contaminated with high levels of iron. Drinking it gave them and their neighbors numerous sicknesses, such as coughs and dysentery.

When Beena’s pastor, GFA-supported pastor Ekakshara, visited Beena to encourage her, he noticed the cup of water she was drinking was yellow and smelled horrible. After talking to Beena and her neighbors, he learned their village suffered from a serious lack of clean water.

“Don’t worry!” Pastor Ekakshara told them. “We will try to provide water filters so you will be able to drink clean water.”

Later, the church provided Beena and her family with a BioSand water filter, capable of filtering out 98 percent of harmful pollutants in water. Beena shares this filter with her neighbors, so now they all enjoy pure water.

“The water is clean and tasty,” Beena remarks. “Now I am able to provide pure and clean water to whoever comes to my home.”