In this slum community, many people suffer from severe health problems they cannot afford to treat. Pastor Tarik arranged a free medical camp to provide the care they needed.

April 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 3

More Than Just a Checkup

Tarik, a GFA-supported pastor, serves in the heart of one of the largest cities in Asia. Looking up from the squalor and poverty of the slums, he can see towering skyscrapers and landmarks, like pristine mountains rising above a murky swamp. The people he ministers to are among the most impoverished and underprivileged.

As Pastor Tarik serves this community, one thing has grown increasingly clear: People’s health is suffering. Heavy pollution, exposed sewage and lack of awareness about hygiene have caused breathing problems, heart disease and many other sicknesses to ravage the community, sometimes resulting in death. Families struggle every day just to survive, and they can’t afford to visit the doctor.

Seeing this need and determined to help these precious people, Pastor Tarik knew exactly what to do: He organized a free medical camp.

An Obstacle Removed

Although medical events had been held in the village before, they had seen little attendance. But a crowd showed up to Pastor Tarik’s medical camp, which was open and free for everyone.

Darasha, who attends Pastor Tarik’s church, was especially looking forward to the camp. Multiple health problems had taken their toll on the man. He suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure and epilepsy. Darasha attended the medical camp hoping he would find some form of relief.

At the medical camp, Darasha received the important treatment and medical advice he could not afford elsewhere.

While there, Darasha saw Sisters of Compassion visiting with the attendees, offering a helping hand and gentle smiles. Soon, it was Darasha’s turn to see the doctors.

The medical team listened to Darasha and offered treatment, advice and appropriate medicines to help him combat his illnesses. When they finished, Darasha sought out Pastor Tarik.

“Thank you for conducting such a helpful event,” Darasha said. “Please continue to have [these] events in our area so that many people like me can find a solution to their health problems.”

Around 186 people received treatment at the camp. Many of the attendees expressed interest in learning about Christ, whose love made the medical camp possible. One person told Pastor Tarik they would help the church with any future needs.

Pastor Tarik, several doctors and Sisters of Compassion made the free medical camp possible

“I thank God,” Pastor Tarik says, “for the privilege to be a great help for the people in my neighborhood.”